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Student Success Stories

On a regular basis, Career Services aims to share some of our student successes in a variety of experiences.

We celebrate the success of our current students who:

  • are completing/have completed internship
  • completed one of our professional skills courses
  • made successful networking connections through our Career Services events
  • and so much more.
Jeremy Houser - Student Success Story

Career Services is proud to present Jeremy Houser as another UW Oshkosh Student Success Story. Jeremy Houser is a 23-year-old Oshkosh alum who recently graduated in December with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Jeremy is originally from Onalaska, Wisconsin where he grew up playing sports. He originally became interested in Kinesiology because of his Jeremy Houser Student Success Storyparents; he always wanted to help them become healthier. He also mentioned that he has always been interested in the sciences and anatomy as well. Jeremy enjoys playing intramural sports, lifting weights and watching Netflix in his free time. Jeremy would describe himself as an achiever, and a passionate and hardworking person. Jeremy chose UWO because he liked the great Kinesiology program and he got recruited for baseball.

This past fall semester, Jeremy had the opportunity to work as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist Intern at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He utilized Career Services’ Great Lakes Grant Program to help him get paid for his internship. Jeremy heard about the Great Lakes Grant because his internship coordinator for one of his classes, Craig Biwer, posted it on D2L. Jeremy immediately called Jaime and talked to her about his eligibility.

Jeremy stated that everyone, even Kinesiology majors, should look into utilizing the Great Lakes Grant Program. He said that all of the Kinesiology internships are unpaid, but the Great Lakes Grant gave him the opportunity to take an out of state internship at a huge hospital without having to worry about money.

Jeremy said that the most beneficial part of his internship was everything that he’s learned and all of the real life experience he has gained. He said he learned so much at Mayo Clinic, especially about Cardiac Rehab: “I learned more in a day at Mayo then I did in the classroom, everyone there wanted me to learn and get a lot out of the internship.” Everyday he learned about different exercises, ECGs and how the heart works. He also mentioned that he learned a lot about different symptoms and procedures and how to treat different patients.

Jeremy’s internship was broken up into two parts: Cardiac Rehab and Stress Testing. For Cardiac Rehab he would work with patients for about an hour, take their blood pressure and put on their heart monitors. He would help each patient onto a cardio machine and oversee his or her program. He eventually got into the role of doing strength training with all of the patients, helping each patient build personalized programs around their own restrictions. Once the patients were finished with their strength programs he helped them transition their workouts to their homes with resistance bands. For the Stress Testing portion of the internship, people would come in with chest pain and Jeremy would have to put them on a treadmill and see if they have any serious symptoms by using his ECG knowledge. He also was able to log a ton of observation hours by having the opportunity to watch an open-heart surgery and a surgery where a pace maker was put in.

The biggest thing that he gained from his educational experience that he utilized during his internship was his clinical experience with personal training. Jeremy stated that his last semester was vital because it helped him communicate with patients and learn how to work with their specific restrictions.

When asked if Jeremy had any advice for new students in the Kinesiology program he said, “New students going through the Kinesiology program right now should take every class seriously, try to do well in every class and get as much information out of them as you can.”

He mentioned that one of his earlier classes, Medical Aspects, happened to be a course he wasn’t necessarily interested in so he didn’t take it very seriously, but that class ended up being one that was really vital to his internship with Mayo Clinic.

“Although you may think a class is pointless, you never know what you’re going to need out of it. Every class is important in some way and will help set you up for grad school or a career!”

Post graduation, Jeremy hopes to attend Graduate school for Physical Therapy. With whichever school he chooses to attend, he will have to go through a three-year program to obtain his degree. After Graduate school, he hopes to work in orthopedics or sports medicine. He also mentioned he would really love the opportunity to go back to Mayo Clinic and work there.

If you are participating in an unpaid internship and would like more information about the Great Lakes Grant click here.


Allie Gonnering Student Success Story

Student Success Story – Allie Gonnering

Written by Chance Smith

Career Services is proud to present Allie Gonnering as yet another UW-Oshkosh Student Success Story. Allie graduated this December after only three and a half years, having majored in Finance with an emphasis in cost Management Accounting. SheAllie Gonnering Student Success Story image went to Freedom High School where she was involved in extracurricular activities including dance and running. When picking her alma mater, Allie says she was drawn to UW-Oshkosh because of the great campus and the College of Business programs offered. Allie had known she wanted to pursue a business degree since the beginning and chose to focus on Finance her sophomore year.

During her last semester, Allie completed an internship with Thrivent Financial, where she was a Business Analyst and Campus Ambassador.  Following graduation she will be continuing her career with Thrivent as a full time Associate Business Systems Analyst. In her role as an analyst, she helped to develop and build communications to drive decision making for complex business operations. As a Campus Ambassador, Allie worked to amplify Thrivent Financial’s presence on campus to both promote the company as well as discuss possible career paths with students. Allie’s relationship with Thrivent Financial started when she was young, having grown up with several family members working at Thrivent. At UW-Oshkosh, her professional relationship with the company was enhanced by attending the College to Career Conference and Career Fair.

Before working for Thrivent, Allie was a Digital Sales Intern at Gannett Media and was also an intern with 4Imprint. Her internship with Gannett Media was found through Titan Jobs. “Career Services is a wonderful way that individuals of the UW-Oshkosh College of Business can get in touch with local businesses that they aspire to someday work at. Career Services advisors are extremely helpful and are incredibly nice to get to know.”

Congratulations on your progress so far, Allie, and best of luck in your new role with Thrivent!

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with your career advisor, call Career Services at 920-424-2181. Checkout jobs and internship opportunities by logging in to your Titan Jobs powered by Handshake!


Teagan Augsburger - Student Success Story

Teagan Augsburger – Student Success Story

Written by: Jackie McDonough

Career Services is proud to present Teagan Augsburger as another University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Student Success Story. Teagan is a Senior majoring in Project Management. Teagan described herself as the worlds best dog mom, as she newly owns a German Shepherd puppy named Moose. She also enjoys running and interior design. She grew up in Omro, Wisconsin andTeagan Student Story Image chose UWO because it was somewhat close to home. Teagan always knew that she enjoyed business, but originally wanted to major in biology. After her AP Biology class in high school and attending a cadaver lab, she completely changed her mind and decided to major in business once she got to college.


Teagan heard about the Bemis position through networking. She sent her contact from the company her resume and got an interview. After one interview, she knew the company was a perfect fit for her. She was originally hired as a supply chain intern with the master data team but after her first summer Teagan was switched to the logistics team.


A typical day at Bemis for Teagan varies. She said that she manages the transportation management system the company uses and makes edits to it throughout her day, and she also handles contracts. Teagan said that she is thankful for her educational experience at UWO because it taught her a lot of useful information that she uses everyday at her internship. She is especially thankful for her courses that taught her about QBA, quantitative business analysis, because she uses what she’s learned about QBA everyday in her internship.


Teagan said that the most beneficial part of her internship is being able to learn about the different teams within the company. She said that every Monday she had the opportunity to work with different teams such as demand planning, master data and plant scheduling. She said that she enjoyed this because it was personalized to her skill sets and likes. Teagan said that she enjoyed the supply chain analytics team the best because she got to analyze sets of data and solve the issues within certain sets.


Post graduation Teagan was hired by Bemis to be a Supply Chain Associate! She said that Bemis is very active in networking with students around campus and encourages students to look into the company. Bemis offers internships in many fields, including IT, marketing and supply chain. Bemis is a global manufacturer with 27 plants across the country.


To find out more about Bemis, visit their website:

Emily Rapp - Student Success Story

Emily Rapp – Student Success Stroy

Written by: Kelsey Kastorff

Career Services is proud to present Emily Rapp as another University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Student Success Story. Emily is a senior that is double majoring in Psychology and Communication Studies. Emily is originally from Muskego Wisconsin. In Emily Rapp imgaehigh school Emily was involved in extracurricular activities; her favorite was the time that she spent on the soccer team. When picking a college she really focused on a school that had a small campus feel. Emily applied to multiple colleges; however none had that campus feel that she was searching for like Oshkosh did. So in the end she decided to attend UW Oshkosh.

Emily describes herself as passionate, outgoing, and hardworking. She had entered college with AP credits counting towards her general education requirements. So she began her major courses in Psychology right away. Emily explained that she knew she always wanted to work with children, and she found that working with children in the Psychology field is what really interested her. After beginning her major courses, she thought “what if I end up not liking my career choice after graduation?” That is when she decided to double major in psychology as well as Communication Studies. She decided to pick up Communication Studies as another major because she really enjoyed the content of the Intro to Communication course. She thought that she could find a job after graduation with at least one of these majors! Emily added that she has taken quite a few courses in the Anthropology department as well. If she could have 3 majors, Anthropology would be her 3rd! However Emily said that she was cut off by her advisor after selecting 2 majors.

When Emily was in her freshmen year at UWO she was introduced to the First Year Scholars program. This program led her to joining the Future Young Professionals program her sophomore year. Future Young Professionals or as many called it FYP, was a professional skills course that was taught by a career advisor from Career Services. While Emily was involved in this organization she was also building her resume, attending the Career Fairs, partaking in Mock Interviews, as well as Dining with Professionals that was put on by UW Oshkosh Career Services. From utilizing the resources that the Professional Skills course offered, Emily was able to learn skills that would benefit her in her future jobs searches.

Emily has worked in many different roles since taking the Career Services Professional Skills course. Emily has worked as an office assistant at the tutoring center on campus, she worked as the Anthropology department research assistant, and she also was employed at a place called Runners Tongue where she was the social media consultant of their website and blog! Today, Emily said that she is still utilizing the resources that Career Services has to offer. She has used our drop in resume hours to help polish up her resume. She has used her resume during her job interviews to gain the positions that she currently holds today. Emily is still employed at the tutoring center, but also works as a waitress at Gardenias and is a Youth Mentor for CESA 6! Emily enjoys her job as a youth mentor the most because it is a field that is closer to what she wants to do as a future career. As a youth mentor with CESA 6, Emily works with children varying in ages from 5-17 that have behavioral or emotional disabilities. Emily takes these children into the community in order to help them learn how to control their behaviors in public as well as a way for the children to have a break from their daily lives and to just have fun!

From these opportunities that Emily has had she said she has gained many different skills in which pertain to her future career. One skill she has learned a great deal about is interpersonal skills. She explained this skill as person to person contact and interaction. Other skills she has gained is problem solving, and a positive attitude.

Emily said that her dream line of work post graduation would be a professor who does research surrounding the subjects of race, gender, LGBTQ, and mental health. Emily would like to create a program that would build a safe learning environment that benefit students in schools that fall into the categories of her research. Emily’s plans for after graduation would be to apply to a master’s program, and then move on to obtain her PhD. One piece of advice Emily would give to students would be to take advantage of campus events and resources. Not only are they places to meet people, but they provide great opportunity to get experience outside of the classroom and a chance to make new connections. Like Emily learned in the Professional Skills court, Networking is key!


Good Luck in your final semester here at UW Oshkosh, Emily!


If you are interested in participating in any of our Resume/LinkedIn drop-ins stop by

Monday – Thursday 10-Noon and Thursdays 2:00-5:00.


If you are interested in participating in any of our Professional Skills courses register now on Titan Web. Look for: Professional Counseling 202: Career Planning & Implementation

Business 284: Professional Career Skills in Business

Human Services 204: Professional Career Skills in Human Services

Interdisciplinary Studies 208: Professional Career Skills in the Math & Natural Sciences

Interdisciplinary Studies 209: Professional Career Skills in the Social Sciences

Student Success Story - Rya Adler

Rya Adler – Student Success Story 

Written by: Ben Burling

Career Services is proud to present Rya Adler as another University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Student Success Story. Rya is a Senior graduating in May and majoring in Human Services Leadership. Rya was asked to describe herself in three words and Image of Rya Adler chose compassionate, positive and determined. Originally from Brookfield, Wisconsin, while attending Brookfield East High School Rya participated in Cross Country, Track and Soccer. Rya said her favorite activity in high school was Cross Country because “it was all about achieving personal goals and accomplishments”, which helped shape her into the student she is today. Near the end of her sophomore year in high school, Rya had already decided she wanted to attend UW Oshkosh. Oshkosh really stuck out to her after visiting her older sister her freshman year. The thing that stuck out most to Rya was the small campus and community, along with many well-developed majors.

As a freshman in college, Rya had her sights set on pursuing a career in nursing and originally declared as a nursing major. It didn’t take long for her to realize though that nursing wasn’t a great fit for her, so she switched her major to Education. Rya has always been passionate about helping and working with children so she gave Education a try. After a short while as an Education major, Rya still felt like she had not found her calling. She was very conflicted on what to do. “I had always wanted to work with children, but didn’t necessarily want to teach” she said. Around that time, Rya met with her advisor and was made aware of another program that might fit her needs. Finally, in the fall semester of her junior year Rya made her last switch and was admitted to the Human Services Leadership program. Rya said she knew right away that she had made the right switch; “it felt like the perfect fit”. Rya likes that it is a very general major that give you the option to take several different career paths. She mentioned that there is a feeling of community in each class and that everyone is there to support you in anyway they can.

The Human Services Leadership program requires the completion of lots of volunteer and intern work. You need to complete three field placements beginning with a 30-hour volunteer experience your first semester, followed by both a 120-hour internship and a 280-hour internship. Rya completed her 30-hour experience at Lighted School House, an educational after school program in several of Oshkosh’s elementary schools. Rya was actually employed at Lighted School House before she was placed there so she was familiar with the operations. She tried her best to use her knowledge of Lighted School House in order to help her classmates that were placed there with little or no experience. Rya enjoyed being able to help both the younger students and her classmates and found this placement to be very enjoyable. For her 120-hour placement, Rya interned at the UW Children’s Center on campus. This experience was another great fit for her as she was able to interact with children through numerous activities such as reading and fine motor skill development. Rya enjoyed this placement as well, but looked to work with children that were slightly older for her next experience.

Rya is currently completing her 280-hour internship this semester at Winneconne Middle School as an intern in their counseling program. This experience has allowed her to work right alongside the counselor and administrators, and organize and facilitate student group sessions. Of her field placement experiences, Rya says this one has been her favorite because it has convinced her that “school counseling is definitely the line of work I would like to find myself in after graduation”. To accomplish that goal, Rya is now beginning to think about grad school and is very interested in the Professional Counseling Program. She is eager to further her education and keep working towards her goal of being a school counselor.

This semester, one of Rya’s classes required her to set up a resume review appointment in Career Services. Throughout our interview, Rya spoke very highly of the resume review services that are offered in Career Services. “I am actually kind of upset that I didn’t take advantage of one of the [Professional Career Skills Courses] classes Career Services offers” she said. Before her review session, Rya had not spent much time tailoring her resume. After just a 30-minute session, she was blown away by how much she learned. “I knew resumes were important documents to upkeep,” she said, “but I wasn’t aware of how much really goes into creating a strong resume”. Rya feels “ten times” more confident with her resume now, and is excited to start her search for employment (or more school) after graduation. She encourages other students to check out the services offered in Career Services and learn more about building your professional skills.

If you are interested in participating in any of our Resume/LinkedIn drop-ins stop by Monday – Thursday 10-Noon and Thursdays 2:00-5:00. 

If you are interested in participating in any of our Professional Skills courses register now on Titan Web. 

Look for: 

Professional Counseling 202: Career Planning & Implementation 

Business 284: Professional Career Skills in Business

Human Services 204: Professional Career Skills in Human Services

Interdisciplinary Studies 208: Professional Career Skills in the Math & Natural Sciences

Interdisciplinary Studies 209: Professional Career Skills in the Social Sciences

Student Success Story - Kelly Torti

Kelly Torti – Student Success Story 

Written by: Jackie McDonough

UW Oshkosh is proud to present Kelly Torti as another University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Student Success Story. Kelly is a junior majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology. When asked to describe herself in three words Kelly said that Kelly Torti imageshe is confident, loving and determined. Last February Kelly received a phone call from Southwestern Advantage and decided to attend the information meeting in the Career Services office.

During the information meeting, Kelly learned all about Southwestern Advantage and realized that this summer opportunity may be a good fit for her. After the information meeting, Kelly went through three separate interviews before she finally received the internship. Kelly became a student manager and spent the summer in West Virginia and Ohio working with Southwestern Advantage. She worked with other interns from across the nation selling educational books to families. These educational books range from helping young children learn their colors and numbers to ACT and college preparation books for high school students. In addition, there are websites combined with the books so that the lessons are brought to life for students. Kelly’s goal was to visit 30 families a day. The itinerary stated that Kelly and the other interns would sell these educational tools for 13 weeks and then distribute all of their sales during the final week of the summer.

Throughout her internship with Southwestern Advantage, Kelly gained a lot of valuable communication skills. She said that the most beneficial part of the internship was learning about herself as a person and making new friends! Kelly said that this internship was an amazing experience that helped her grow into the independent and charismatic person that she is today.

The Southwestern Advantage experience offered the interns to have some fun as well. Working fourteen-hour days five times a week meant that Sundays were a chance to relax and have some fun with the other interns. Kelly said some of the fun activities Kelly Torti & friend imagethey did this summer included tubing, baseball games and paintballing!

Kelly said that the internship was challenging at times, but said that because she stuck with it she got a lot out of it. She has already started the recruitment process for this summer and is excited to work with Southwestern Advantage again during summer 2017.

She encourages everyone to come to the information meetings and learn about the company! For more information on Southwestern Advantage click here.

Southwestern Advantage Logo

Student Success Story - Thomas Campbell

Thomas Campbell – Student Success Story

Written by: Austin Rosenberger

Career Services is proud to present Thomas Campbell as another University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Student Success Story. Thomas will be graduating in December with a degree in Radio-TV-Film while also finishing with a minor in Music Industry. Originally from Janesville, Wisconsin, Thomas spent the summer away from home interning as a Radio host in Kodiak, Alaska. Thomas was presented with this opportunity through the Great Lakes Career Ready Internship Grant. The Great Thomas Campbell alaskaLakes Grant allows students to take internships in traditionally unpaid roles and compensate them up to 200 hours for their work. Thomas however, was less concerned with the money, and more focused on the opportunity at hand that was going to give him valuable experience moving forward to fulfill his dream of working on a live TV or Radio set.


Thomas interned for 90.7 KMXT radio in Kodiak, Alaska and in his time there he was able to wear multiple hats for the company. Thomas usually worked Thursday’s managing the classical music portion of nights. While he was live on air from 10pm – Midnight, the work that goes into each air time started much earlier. Thomas would have to arrive hours before his 10pm air time to make sure he had his materials prepped and ready. As the summer went on Thomas was able to cut down on prep time getting used to different music software such as Adobe edition and Composer. Thomas said he relied on a “use it or lose it” attitude all summer, knowing that being put in an environment where you have to utilize a skill set to meet firm deadlines, you become very proficient with the work at hand.


Managing the classical portion of the show took some getting used to, but what Thomas didn’t know is how much of an influence the radio station had on the surrounding community. KMXT is the lone radio station on Kodiak Island and was seen as the outlet for any news or updates in relation to weather, emergencies, or events going on in the community. Local fishermen would rely on Thomas and his station for updates. With fishing being a lifestyle more than a hobby, these updates were sometimes the difference between putting food on the table and missing a meal. Inclement weather would have to be relayed to the fishermen as well so that they could make a judgement call on whether to head back to shore. The sense of Thomas Campbell at the sound boardengagement from his updates to the community is something that Thomas had never expected to gain from his internship. This sense of engagement allowed Thomas to feel the “unspoken sense of community” and it was something he believes “he would have never gotten in the Midwest”.


Outside of learning how his role was able to influence the community, Thomas was drawn back at how much the community itself was able to influence his way of thinking, and even the way he went about his work. The “island of storytellers” comes with many stories, even back to WWII in which the island was originally inhabited in fear of attack from the Japanese. These stories along with the constant arrival of new islanders is what Thomas believes has made the community “so welcoming and insightful” over the years. The historical references are all over even down the 90.7 radio station running parallel to the 907 area code.


Although Thomas worked at the KMXT radio station for his time in Alaska, he was able to do more than just get behind the boards. With the diverse group of individuals in the community there was seemingly no downtime – and to Thomas that was perfectly fine. Thomas was able to volunteer for a local Bear Crawl which is the equivalent of a Tough Mudder. The community was in full force, as out of a city of only a few thousand there were hundreds that participated in which to Thomas “speaks volume to the cohesiveness” of the tight knit community. Thomas was also able to do a lot of hiking because some nights it never actually got dark! This lead him into the mountains and even out into the water where he was able to snap pictures of whales – something Thomas thinks he “would have never experienced had it not been for this internship opportunity”.


While his internship did come to an end, Thomas is looking to utilize his new skill set and experiences at the Oshkosh WRST student station and hopes to apply them not only to his work on the boards, but also to “spread the passion and collaboration” that he learned from engaging in the community. If Thomas could give any piece of advice it would simply be to “not be afraid to stretch yourself, both mentally and physically” in hopes that when we put ourselves in uncomfortable situations we are able to learn from it. While Thomas does not have a full-time position lined up for when he graduates this December just yet, he knows that because of this opportunity he had been grateful enough to participate in through the Great Lakes Grant, things are only going to go up from here! Congrats on your successful internship experience and best of luck in the future Thomas!

If you are interested in more information on the Great Lakes Grant and how you can get paid for your unpaid internship click here.

Student Success Story- Lizzie Duffy

Student Success Story – Lizzie Duffey

Written by: Kelsey Kastorff

Career Services is proud to present Lizzie Duffey as another University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Student Success Story. Lizzie is a senior majoring in
Lizzie Duffey communication studies and minoring in both Spanish and journalism. When asked how she would describe herself Lizzie said she is very well-balanced. She has to remain balanced because of everything she does, and needs to keep track of on a day-to-day basis. Lizzie also describes herself as goofy, She loves to make people smile and laugh any chance that she gets.

Lizzie is from Mc Farland, however calls herself a Madison native since this is where she spent most of her time growing up. While attending Mc Farland High School, Lizzie was very involved in extra-curriculars. Lizzie was involved in student council where she was the treasurer and secretary. She was a member of the National Honor Society as well as a member of Model UN. Lizzie was also on the high school swim team all four years of her High School career. When making the decision of what college she would attend she had narrowed it down to two options. After attending her older sister’s swim meets here at UWO Lizzie decided to make a pro and cons list of the two colleges, where she decided she would attend UW Oshkosh.

Lizzie’s first semester in college she was undecided as to what her major would be. After taking a career exploration course (PC201) where she used different career searching tools and tests, she decided that the communications studies major was a good fit for her. Once she decided on a major, she knew that she wanted a minor to accompany her major and to broaden her range of skills. So she decided on Spanish, as well as journalism where her emphasis would be in public relations. She thought that with this major and two minors it would be a gateway for a potential career, and also a way to sharpen her skill set and make her more marketable to employers.

Lizzie knew with her degree she could do so many different things. So she began to formulate a resume. She was determined to have a great resume. So she began coming to Career Services for our resume drop-in hours. Lizzie applied to study abroad for a semester in Germany, where she ended up landing an internship as a Digital Communication intern with Viessman in Allendorf. While participating in her internship in Germany she took the Career Services interdisciplinary course (IS 399) that she could get upper level communication studies credit for just for working at her internship. She then began attending our Career Fairs, both in the spring and fall semesters. After her experience at the Career Fairs she ended up getting recruited for an internship for a sales intern position for J.J. Keller. In her last semester here at UWO Lizzie was able to participate in Career Services Mock interviews, which helped her prepare for her final interview which would help her land her job after graduation.

Lizzie’s experiences from her previous internships gave her the experience in marketing and public relations for her position after graduation. To obtain her position after graduation, Lizzie connected with former and current employees and really went above and beyond to get noticed and chosen for her new position. Lizzie will work full-time in the 29th class of Oscar Mayer Hotdoggers. The position of an Oscar Mayer “Hotdogger” is said tohotdogger be one of the toughest positions to get. Over 1,500 people apply from across the U.S. every year, and they only pick 12. In this position she will travel across the United States for one year. There are six regions that these 12 “Hotdoggers” cover. You travel in groups of two and attend a wide array of different events over the course of the year. During this position as a “Hotdogger” Lizzie will gain experience in media pitching during her many interviews she will have to participate in, which will help her later when obtaining her dream career in the public relations field.

Lizzie’s advice to others would be “Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and to be yourself”. Lizzie described herself as a go-getter and she enjoys to make people smile. She explained that for her interview with Oscar Mayer she showed up to the interview with a bright red blazer wearing a wiener whistle pin that she made herself, just for the interview. She even brought a picture of her with some current “Hotdoggers” who she sought out at Brat Fest in Madison, While there she asked questions about the process and duties of the position. She told this story to make the interviewer smile, and see that she is very committed to this position. “You have to show that this is something you are passionate about, while still maintaining professionalism”. You need to do something to stand out, do something that they will not forget about you. Lizzie ended with this statement “ If you want something you have to go out and get it”. Congratulations on your job after graduation as an Oscar Mayer “Hotdogger”, Lizzie!


Student Success Story- Emily Riese

Student Success Story – Emily Reise

Written by: Jackie McDonough

Career Services is proud to present Emily Reise as another University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Student Success Story. Emily describes herself as an ambitious, passionate and positive sophomore studying Public Relations and Environmental Studies.

Emily Reise is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh where she is majoring in Public Relations and minoring in environmental studies. Emily grew up in Tomah, Wisconsin and always loved business classes during high school. Emily chose to attend University of Wisconsin Oshkosh mainly because the University is one of the greenest schools in the nation. From her general education, and having to take Quest classes, she realized her love for sustainability, but she was still unsure if she wanted toEmily Reise pursue it. She then took a one-credit class that helped her find a career path, and found her love for Journalism, specifically Public Relations. Therefore, she declared her major to be PR with an ES minor in hopes of one day working for a sustainability company doing their PR.

Emily said that she has learned a lot of life long skills here at UWO that she will utilize in her professional career. One of he most important things she has gained from her time as a student includes becoming comfortable with engaging in meaningful conversations in the classroom with complete strangers.

Emily now is working at two STEP internships on campus. She is a civic engagement project assistant for the USP Program, and the other she is a writer for the chancellor sustainability project, which she heard about from Alicia at Career Services.

During Emily’s internship application process, Alicia helped her to create a more professional resume for the journalism field, and then showed her tons of different resources she could use to find the internships she was looking for. When she submitted her resume and got a call back, Alicia helped her to prepare for the interview by setting up a mock interview and pointing out things on her resume that she could use when answering interview questions. Alicia also supplied her with a professional folder to take to interviews, and post interview thank you cards.

From this internship Emily hopes to gain experience in writing for the professional media and develop a professional voice. So far, she has learned how to formulate interview questions, and how to frame news stories.

Post graduation, Emily plans on traveling, but she wants to stay open minded to any and all opportunities.

When asked if she had any advice for students who don’t know about Career Services, Emily said, “I would tell people to definitely take advantage of all the resources and opportunities that they offer. I have gotten a lot of helpful advice and experience for all stages of job-hunting, and the interview process. I also have gotten free professional clothing from the career closet for interviews!”

Student Success Story - Stephanie Schuler

Stephanie Schuler – Student Success Story

Recorded & Edited by Matt Schulz

Student Success Story - Mackenzie Owens

Written by: Kelsey Kastorff

Mackenzie Owens is a senior at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh where she is majoring in Human Services Leadership. Mackenzie is originally from Milton, Wisconsin. In high school, Mackenzie was involved
Mackenzie Owensin many clubs including volleyball, softball, Student Against Destructive Decisions, and Key Club so when picking a college she really focused on what clubs she could get involved. Once she toured UW Oshkosh she knew this was the place for her. “It’s a small school feel with a large variety of organizations that I could join”.

When Mackenzie first started college she decided she would major in Human Resources. However after taking a few courses she decided she wanted to focus more on the people instead of the business aspect, so she switched to a Human Services Leadership major. She had heard about this major from a friend. She heard that you could learn more about human behaviors and how you can play a part in helping others. Ultimately that is the field where Mackenzie wanted to end up working someday, so she knew this was the major for her. Mackenzie began the Human Services Leadership Program in the Fall of 2015 and will complete the program in Fall of 2016.

In the Human Services Leadership program, you need to complete three field placements. You start with thirty hours of volunteering, then one hundred twenty hours of your initial internship, and lastly two hundred and eighty hours of your final internship. Mackenzie completed her thirty hours at the Oshkosh Area Humane Society. Right now Mackenzie is in the middle of completing her one hundred and twenty hour internship at the Women’s Fund at the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation. During this internship Mackenzie lead the Girls Granting Initiative, which brings about fifteen to twenty girls from surrounding high schools to talk about issues that they deal with. They then get to give a presentation on what they think a ten thousand dollar grant should go towards. Mackenzie plans on completing her final internship at the Oshkosh Area Humane Society.

This past interim Mackenzie took one of Career Services’ Professional Skills courses and found it extremely helpful in obtaining her current position. Mackenzie took the Professional Counseling 202 also known as Career Planning and Implementation. Mackenzie explained that this is a class which focuses on how to gain an internship and help you with your future career. In this course the students had the opportunity to do a mock interview as well as an informational interview. During her informational Interview Mackenzie interviewed the former Volunteer Coordinator at the Oshkosh Area Humane Society. During the interview she told Mackenzie that she had been given a promotion and that her position would soon be opening up. She also mentioned that Mackenzie could apply for it. That is exactly what she did, and she got the position of Volunteer Coordinator!

During our interview Mackenzie explained that her first volunteering opportunity that was paired with the professional counseling class lead to her current position. Mackenzie mentioned before that she volunteered with the Oshkosh Area Humane Society for a little more than thirty hours over a span of four months. This gave her the opportunity to get to know the staff and find out more about the organization. It also gave her an opportunity to get to know the former Volunteer Coordinator. Mackenzie said that “My professional counseling class is what gave me the opportunity to know more about the position and know it was a good fit for me”. When starting to volunteer at the Oshkosh Humane Society, Mackenzie was a cat volunteer. “I would socialize the cats, which really meant play with them or sit with them. The animals that are in the shelter environment are very stressed and it’s important that they have this companionship with people”. After a couple months with the cats, Mackenzie said she was cross-trained to also be with the dogs. She could then walk, play, and sit and read to to the dogs.

When asked what kind of skills were obtained from this experience Mackenzie said “I learned a lot about the different behaviors of animals in a shelter environment, which is now very useful in my current position. I now train new volunteers on how to detect those behaviors”. The position of Volunteer Coordinator at the Oshkosh Humane Society is a full-time position. Mackenzie currently works full-time at the Humane Society, as well as working to complete her one hundred and twenty hours for her Human Services Internship at the Oshkosh Women’s Fund. Some advice Mackenzie would like to give others is, “I turned my favorite hobby into my full time job! It’s kind of the dream. So don’t feel like you have to give up what you love, just to have a career. Seek out different positions that will be something you like. Otherwise, there is no way that I would be working fifty-five hours a week and be a full time student if I hated what I was doing. It can be challenging, but also worth your time!”

If you’re interested in taking one of the Professional Skills courses check out our upcoming sections.

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Student Success Story - Stephen Schmidt

Written by: Jackie McDonough

Career Services is proud to present Stephen Schmidt as another University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Student Success Story. Stephen is a junior in the nursing program and describes himself as motivated and excited about his summer internship with the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in the Pediatric Intensive Care unit.

Stephen attended high school at Brookfield Central. During his time in high school, Stephen was unsure what he wanted to pursue in college. Because he liked science throughout school and enjoyed helping people, Stephen chose to pursue nursing as his major. Stephen spontaneously decided to tour UWO with his family and quickly fell in love with the campus; finding out about UWO’s prestigious nursing program was an added bonus. Throughout his time here at UWO, Stephen has learned the importance of using his resources and gained an appreciation for diversity which he plans to take with him during his first internship.

As Stephen is finishing up his junior year with the Nursing Program he knew that he needed to gain some experience. Through the student organization “Men in Nursing,” Stephen had the chance to attend a national nursing conference in Minneapolis. While there he sat in on a presentation about men in pediatrics and had the chance to speak with the presenter afterwards. The presenter, who worked with the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, told him about an internship opportunity at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.

Stephen immediately knew this internship opportunity would be something he would be interested in. The application opened up and Stephen needed his cover letter, resume and other general application material. Having no experience with creating a cover letter or resume, Stephen came into Career Services and had multiple people look over his material. Stephen said numerous people showed him strategies on how to format his resume and how to prioritize particular information about himself to show that he was a great candidate for the internship.

Stephen made it to the second round of the interview process and he had to create a video form of his cover letter and create a video answering questions given to him from the employer. He came into Career Services and showed Chrissy Lambie all of his material. She offered him phenomenal feedback and told him how to make these videos better. In addition to the videos, Stephen had to create a long list of six references. Stephen expressed the importance of his relationships with professors and faculty on campus and in the nursing program, and the role it played in his interview process.

A few weeks later, Stephen received a call that he landed the internship! There were sixteen spots offered in eight different units. The Emergency Room (ER) and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) were of the most competitive of those units, and Stephen landed an internship in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit! Since Stephen has worked with children in the past, as a day camp counselor and with a parks and recreation department, he was immediately excited to have the opportunity to work with children again.

Stephen is ecstatic about this opportunity and is excited to start this May. He gives a lot of the credit to Career Services and faculty and said, “Because I have no clinical experience and have never worked as a CNA it isn’t my so called ‘credentials’ that landed me this internship, it was mainly the people that helped me throughout the entire process.”

Stephen is looking forward to this new opportunity and said that he never completely considered moving out of Wisconsin or working in pediatrics but is excited about all of the new doors this internship will open. Stephen has big plans for post-graduation. He has a strong desire to turn this internship opportunity into a full time job. If he were to land that job he would look into attending grad school at the University of Cincinnati, since they have a great nursing program as well. He is optimistic and said that even if the hospital decides it isn’t a good fit for him to get a full time job, this experience would put him ahead of a lot of other graduates come post graduation.

When asked if he had any advice for those who don’t know about Career Services and what services are offered he said, “Get to know it! One big thing I learned is that your cover letter and resume are never good enough and there is always room for improvement. As frustrating as it is to come in and have your idea of a perfect cover letter or resume be picked apart, the end result is so much better than you can ever expect. If you really want something like an internship or job, you have to keep working at it and cannot leave anything to chance.”