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Choosing a Major

Choosing a major can be one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make but know that you have resources and people in your corner to help you make the decision.

At UW Oshkosh you might work with any of the following offices to help you make a decision on your major:

Undergraduate Academic Resource Center

It takes time and hard work to decide which major is right for you. UARC at UW Oshkosh has many resources listed on their website for you to use when making this decision. Learn more about choosing your major.

Career Services

Career Services will help you better understand the occupations you might be considering. You’ll be able to connect with Career Advisors assigned to each college who have a good understanding of the courses you might be taking, the needs of your desired industry, and the skills/abilities you’ll need to gain/experience before making the transition to the world of work.

Career Exploration Resources

Career GPS

career gps image

Career GPS* is a suite of web-based tools to help students build job market literacy and stand out among candidates with real-time, localized information about in-demand jobs. Career GPS helps students understand the qualifications and experiences they need as they create individualized career plans to accomplish their goals.

This tool provides access to proprietary occupational classification and emerging fields not yet tracked by Federal Bureau of Labor and Statistics and offers an integrated solution to help students build labor market awareness from enrollment through graduation and beyond.

Career GPS summarizes data from millions of online job openings and job seeker resumes into actionable information about local labor markets enabling students to answer career critical questions including:

  • Which jobs are in demand in my career areas of interest?
  • What skills and knowledge do I need to acquire to qualify for the jobs I’m interested in?
  • What are the salaries, hiring trends, and employers with the greatest demand for the careers I’m interested in?

Students may apply the Intelligent AutoMatch Job Search tool to collect highly personalized job matches based on their experiences, qualifications, and intended career path from a database drawn daily from over 21,000 online job sites while they learn about the job market, appropriate search keywords, and how to articulate their transferable skills.

How to Login to Career GPS.

*Currently, Career GPS is accessed by an invite only. If you’d like to get an invite to try this service please contact Career Services via email at or by phone at (920)424-2181.

Career GPS Tips & Tricks

Career Locker (formerly WISCareers)

This website provides new knowledge and effective practices for strengthening learning and career development in and across education, workplace, family and community settings for Wisconsin. Learn more about Career Locker and its database resources.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

This website provides valuable assistance to help you make a decision on a future career. The Occupational Outlook Handbook provides information on:

  • Training and education needs;
  • Earnings;
  • Expected job prospects;
  • What workers do on the job; and
  • Working conditions.

View the Occupational Outlook Handbook online.


This website provides occupational information, such as interests, skills and values related to an occupation and characteristics of workers and their occupations. Visit O*net to learn more.

Career Exploration CareerSpots Videos

CareerSpots Resources for Exploring Careers